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Metallization System

(November 2010) posted on Tue Nov 16, 2010

BTU Int'l

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BTU Int’l ( developed its Tritan Metallization Firing System for silicon photovoltaics. It includes TriSpeed technology that, according to BTU, enables aggressive temperature spikes without compromising drying, burnout, and cooling steps. Tritan’s three-belt system gives control of profile development, and its process chamber is designed to provide access from the top and bottom of the conveyor. Tritan is configurable to accommodate single- and dual-lane processing and can achieve 30- or 60-MW output on a single belt width. The system is controlled by BTU’s Windows-based, multilingual Wincon software with touchscreen GUI and can process 5 x 5-in. (125 x 125-mm), 6 x 6-in. (156 x 156-mm), and larger wafers. BTU says the furnace can be integrated with all mainstream printing/testing equipment.


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